About Fantasy Sanctum

Well met,

Our Quest is not a complicated one but it’s a long road that we won’t soon leave. We’ve made it our duty to promote all that there is within the scope of Epic Fantasy.

We want to capture minds of all ages and generate interest in the beauty of fantasy worlds. We want to introduce newcomers as well as educate readers on the offers of fantasy role play through a variety of channels.

At Fantasy Sanctum, you’ll find compelling short stories, informative news, details and helpful product reviews in a variety of niche’s, special offers on products and much more.

Fantasy Sanctum was founded by V. Wiltshire, an avid gamer of many years who gave his heart over to epic fantasy long before the age where it could be taken by any kind of dark-hearted succubus. He has had in hands in a variety of worlds with a history in epic fantasy that has roots traceable to the first edition of D&D.

His experience is far more than just pen and paper. From cards to figurines, V. is also an avid World of Warcraft gamer and has lost uncountable hours of sleep to raids. He is as dedicated to his guild as he is to epic fantasy as a whole.

It’s here that he has compiled (and continues to compile) everything he knows and loves about the world of Epic Fantasy.

We hope we can bring you at least a small amount of what we have enjoyed over many years of epic fantasy play.

Welcome to Fantasy Sanctum

V. W.