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Gaming has always been about a group of individuals. Whether you’re in a small group around a table at 4am wondering what your DM has up his sleeve or you’re a member of a massive guild raid online, it’s always been about some form of community.
Fantasy Sanctum embraces everything there is about epic fantasy gaming, right down to that sense and depth of involvement. That’s why we love to have guest contributions.
Do you feel like you have creative prowess and talent that you want to share with the world? Perhaps you wrote a short story that adds to the origins of Tasslehoff, maybe some fan art of World of Warcraft characters. Have you manufactured some amazing NPC’s for V:tM? We have a desire to create a networked community where other fans can add and share this kind of content for others to enjoy
• Reviews
• Short Stories & Tall Tales
• Poetry and Prose
• Maps & Other Resources
• Campaigns & Modules
• Tips & Tricks like Power Leveling
• Fantasy Artwork
And more of course, with the limit being the imagination of the community. We’ll do our best to get your approved content into an appropriate section of the site for others to share and enjoy.
Are There Submission Guidelines?
A few yes. The content that is submitted will be reviewed and proofed by an editor once submitted. While we want to give everyone an opportunity to have a voice and take part in the community as it grows, we have to maintain certain content guidelines.
These aren’t terribly strict guidelines but you may have content sent back to you for editing/clean up purposes. If it’s small scale, we may even clean it up ourselves.
We do reserve the right to turn down content submitted to be shared. As an example, content may be immediately declined if it contains subject matter such as:
• Illegal drug and narcotic use
• Sex or erotica
• Profanity
• Any content that endorses or implies racism or segregation/discrimination in any form that is clearly intended to be taken out of fantasy context
Users should never submit any content to the site that is not their own work or creation. Please do not submit or share any piece of content that would violate the copyright of another.
Written content may be checked using such sites at Copyscape to ensure originality.
If you would like to submit your content for consideration, we would love to see it! Submit your request below with the following information:
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