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This is where worlds collide. This is an outpost, a haven, a keep, a castle, the Tower of High Sorcery, a nebula – an event horizon where every individual can gather to learn about and garner info relating to their favorite genre within the spectrum of fantasy role playing games.

We’re here to provide up to date information on the newest releases, and not just in our favored channels. At Fantasy Sanctum we’re catering to what you love so you can expect to see content from pen-and-paper magic-missile-loving, Hand of Vecna-wielding dice flingers to the guys who have absolutely zero fingerprints because they were rubbed off on the controller ages ago.

What’s better is that we’re delivering all manner of resources to RPG’ers from articles and short stories to gaming materials and special offers that we find.

With the diversity in Fantasy R PG’s you can bet that it won’t stop there.

Our mission, our quest, is not to slip fingers into your wallet – we know your habits, you’re as broke as we are – but to instill a sense of empowerment in all players. To bridge the gap between Fantasy genre’s and lastly – to help you put together that power character so you can stomp a new mud-hole in your GM.

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